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Shopping the term market for you.

We check the rates of the 100+ companies in our database in order to select the companies with the best rates, the most favorable product features, and the strongest financial ratings. We are an independent firm whose mission is to provide the best value for each consumer.

Customizing quotes for special risk classifications.

Just because your health, occupational, or recreational experience doesn’t fit within “the industry norm” don’t worry. We represent a number of companies that “think outside the box” and offer excellent coverage for pilots, diabetics, scuba divers….you name the condition, and we can find the most competitive term product for you. Our concierge service will find you the best rate for your life insurance. We have relationships with the senior underwriters at many carriers and have been negotiating favorable insurance coverage premiums for clients for over 30 years. Contact the concierge underwriting service at; mybestrate@termsavers.com

Getting the application process going.

We have been making the purchase of term insurance simple and easy for customers since 1986. With our express process, the application is taken care of in a matter of minutes without a hassle. Many carriers have non-medical advanced issue processes for customers at standard or better rate class.

Providing expert, professional advice.

Again, our concierge service and expertise can help you with all your insurance questions…such as, “How can I keep this insurance out of my estate for tax purposes?”, “How much insurance do I need?”, “How can the policy be set up to guarantee that the proceeds avoid the expense of probate?”, “how is insurance set-up for business owned purposes”. Can life insurance also provide tax-free long term care expense protection? This free, value-added service as to how to properly structure your insurance contract can result in your loved ones saving thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses.

Getting an accurate and individualized insurance quote.

Many of the insurance rates that you hear and see advertised are designed to fit only 10% to 12% of the insurable population. This practice is extremely misleading and creates distrust for consumers when they are quoted a price that probably is not available to them. Our professional, in-house agents take the time to get your unique underwriting information, and then direct you to the company with the best rates for your individual health history.

Up to 10-20 days (depending on the state of issue)
after you receive your policy, you can return it for
a full refund of the premiums paid.

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When was the last time you had your life insurance coverage reviewed?

Your life and circumstances – your need for more and better coverage, at a better price.

New life insurance products – pricing and features that may be very important to you!



Policy Review is a consumer-driven process focused on evaluating the performance of your life insurance policy and comparing it against the best products available in the marketplace. Let us offer you a complimentary policy review!

It is easy and simple (but so important to you and your loved ones), just email us your request and we will follow-up with the policy review – mypolicyreview@termsavers.com

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